Detonate Horse Wormer 30ml

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Detonate Horse Wormer 30ml

General purpose equine wormer. Effectively control gastrointestinal roundworms, including the arterial stages of strongylus vulgaris, small strangles, lungworm and bots. Effective against benzimidazole resistant strains.

4mg/ML Ivermectin in a gel formulation

Indications: Parasite control for the health of horses  Gel formulation with aniseed flavouring

Action: Ivermectin works as a “knock down” against problem worms.

Administration: 30g syringe will treat up to 600kg horse (one syringe division per 100kg).

Dosage: Detonate should be used every 6-8 weeks. Special Precautions: For use in horses only.

Price is for each 30g syringe.

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