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CG Topline Plus

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A quality formulation to enhance body and skeletal growth as well as enhancing skin and coat condition without the added fizz.

This balance of ingredients will provide for growing horses or those behind in their condition.

Access to pasture, quality of roughage and body condition as well as intensity of exercise are all factors to be taken into consideration when feeding your horse or pony.  Roughage plays a crucial role in the digestive process and increases feed utilization.  All equines require an absolute minimum 1% of their body weight in fibre.  e.g. hay, chaff or grass.

Provide fresh clean water and access to salt block.

Contains salt levels adequate for maintenance, increase according to sweat loss.

Feeding Guide
Sale-Ring Preparation Yearling    

Good pasture 1.5kg – 3kg 

Poor pasture 3kg – 5kg

Two Year Old upwards incl Breakers & Pre-Trainers    2kg – 5kg depending on pasture quality and intensity of workload
Showing and Sporthorses    2kg – 5kg depending on pasture quality, body score and exercise programme


4-6 months

7 – 9 months

8 – 12 months


Expected to reach 500kg mature weight

1.5kg – 2.5kg

2kg – 3.25kg

2.5kg – 3.75kg




 1 – 8 months

 9 – 11 months



1kg – 2kg

1.5kg – 2.5kg

2kg – 3kg

2.5kg – 3.5kg

Miniatures & Ponies    150g – 400g per 100kg bodyweight subject to health and condition


Micronized White Lupins, Green Peas, Whole Sunflower Seeds, Rolled Barley, High Oil Flax Flake, Full Fat Extruded Soya Beans, Alfalfa Leaf, Full Fat Milk Powder, increased levels of Stablized Oils, Salt, Electrolyte, Molasses, Calcium, Lime, DCP, Specific Chelate Organic and Inorganic Trace Minerals and Vitamins, Super Microbial Enzyme Probiotics, Short-Chain Oligosaccharides.  Does not contain stabilizers or mould inhibitors. 

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