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CanineCare Gut Prebiotic 250ml

CanineCare Gut Prebiotic 250ml

To feed the beneficial gut microflora

Contains trace elements
Nutritional supplement to maintain health
Natural, non-toxic, safe
Carbon source
Suitable for domestic pets. 

5ml twice weekly up to 15kg, 10ml twice weekly over 15kg

250ml bottle contains 6 months supply for a small dog and 3 months for a medium-large dog.

Best used in conjunction with CanineCare Gut Probiotic.  

Gut prebiotic is a proprietary blend containing approx Silicon 63 ppm, Manganese 12 ppm, Copper 8 ppm, Zinc 7 ppm, Boron 2.2 ppm, Cobalt .73 ppm, Selenium .23 ppm, Molybdenum .12 ppm plus Carbon 4% ppm=parts per million. 

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