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Burgess Excel DualCare for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

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Burgess Excel DualCare

Burgess Excel DualCare is a complementary feed for recuperating rabbits and guinea pigs. Each box contains 10 x 60g sachets.

Suitable for feeding after illness or surgery
High levels of beneficial fibre to support gastro intestinal function
Magnesium and tryptophan to support during stress

Excel DualCare is a recovery and recuperation product for rabbits and guinea pigs. It can either be fed in its dry form alongside good quality hay, or can be mixed into a paste that can be *syringe fed using a wide tipped syringe. The product contains all of the necessary vitamins and minerals required to meet the nutritional needs of rabbits and guinea pigs, including high levels of protected vitamin C. 

 Suitable for feeding after illness or surgery

 With magnesium and tryptophan to support in times of stress

 High levels of beneficial fibre to support gastrointestinal function

*Syringe not included.

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