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Alleviate C SOS

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AlleviateC SOS is for horses seriously affected by their pasture grass. Everything from sore feet to head-shaking.

The best results have been observed when it has been used in conjunction with GrazeEzy along with our other recommended diet adjustments. See the ProvideIt Plan

For acute problems remove the horse from ALL green, grass until he is back to normal, then gradually and carefully reintroduce grass again.

It is necessary to lower potassium intake by immediately removing from the horse’s diet:


·         short, green, growing grass

·         legumes like clover and lucerne

·         soy-based feeds and protein meals

·         molassed feeds

All of the above add to your horse’s potassium load and make it harder for his system to keep vital minerals in balance.

He will still be ingesting plenty of potassium (more than his daily requirement) from his 24/7 hay

 SOS can be dissolved in water and syringed orally

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