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Active Manuka Honey Ointment 100gm

Active Manuka Honey  Ointment 100gm

Topical cream for application to damaged and irritated skin.

AMHVet® Active Manuka Honey Anhydrous Cream 25%. Activity Factor 15+

How does AMHVet® work?

AMHVet® supports and maintains the integrity of skin. It forms a waterproof film that soothes and protects.

AMHVet® also works as a poultice, as sugar solutions draw moisture from the treated area by osmosis.

What do I use AMHVet® for?

Protection and soothing of skin. 

Do not use when a sterile dressing is required

How do I use AMHVet®?

Repeatedly apply AMHVet®. A dressing is generally not required to hold the cream in place.

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