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Dog Treats

Muttley's Estate Prosecatt

Elevate your pet's pampering routine with the delightful taste of Muttley's Estate Proseccat, a luxurious catnip-infused 'Prosecco' crafted with care in picturesque New Zealand.

Treat your beloved feline or canine companion to a taste of sophistication and indulge their senses in a sensation like no other.

  • Made with high-quality, organic catnip in New Zealand
  • Alcohol-free and safe for pets to enjoy
  • Encourages playful behaviour and mental stimulation
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety in cats and dogs
  • Perfect for gifting or pampering your furry companion
  • Elevate your pet's leisure time with the exquisite taste and benefits of Muttley's Estate Proseccat.

 Whether served as a special treat or sprinkled over toys (wine may stain), this luxurious catnip 'Prosecco' promises to create unforgettable moments of indulgence and delight.

Here's to celebrating the finer things in life with your cherished companion.

150ml Bottle

How to Serve
Pour a third of the bottle (50ml) into your pet's favorite vessel.

No more than 1 serving per day.

For animal consumption only.

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