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August 23, 2019

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We have used EquiBrew on our own yard and in particular on one of our Polo Ponies who was scouring and we saw quick results with the added benefit of a very shiny coat!  We've got Equibrew to pick up in store (in both sizes) or order it online for quick delivery - you can also take advantage of Afterpay and spread the payments out (interest free) which helps with your budgeting.

EquiBrew is a high performance pro  Here's a few facts about EquiBrew (pick up in store or order online) biotic feed supplement for horses, ponies and foals at all stages of development.

EquiBrew is safe, non-toxic and Clean Sport compliant.

EquiBrew features extremely high microbial viability (minimum 109 CFU/dose lactobacilli) and activity along with a suite of beneficial metabolites.

EquiBrew is safe for use in sugar-sensitive horses. Sugars have been converted by our microbes into more microbes and beneficial organic acids. Virtually no residual sugar is left when bottled.

EquiBrew is an intact fermentation product with very high numbers of beneficial microbes and the equally beneficial metabolites they produce. This combination can only be found in BioBrew Ltd products. 

You can also read more on our website and purchase online:

Read more about the Gut Microbiome and how EquiBrew is different to other probiotic products ...

Watch Katie Feely speaking about Equibrew:

You can also read more on our website and purchase online:

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