Odorex® Industrial Footwear Deodoriser 30g

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Odorex® Industrial Footwear Deodoriser 30g

Protect your feet from moisture, bacteria and infection with Odorex® Industrial Footwear Deodoriser, a powerful formulation designed for industrial footwear, containing a unique blend of four active ingredients which rapidly deodoriser footwear and provide lasting relief from shoe & feet odour problems.

Scientifically proven to eliminate smelly feet and shoes.


  • Formulated for industrial use.
  • A unique antifungal, antibacterial and antiperspirant powder providing long-lasting relief from smelly feet and footwear problems like tinea/athletes foot.
  • Originally called OdourGarde and developed at the invitation of the Southland Dairy Co. who wanted a product to treat workers gumboots- a particularly difficult problem, and subsequently taken up by a number of industrial users including NZ Steel for their workers.
  • Dusting problem footwear daily for five days should eliminate odour problems for up to six months. The treatment time should be extended in severe cases
  • 30g Flask

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