NPC Show Formula Shampoo

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NPC Show Formula Shampoo

Super cleansing ! Super conditioning !  Stunning results !

Leaves coats, manes and tails silky and soft

ONE shampoo for all colours !!!    Removes staining and yellow tails on greys ! 

Concentrated with fabulous lather, and easy quick rinse out ! (rinses in just one rinse !)

Super fast to use with stunning results on all colours and brilliant results on white ! 

Kind on skin. Conditions both hair and skin !

SHOW FORMULA Shampoo is a SUPER concentrate;

To use: For yellow tails and staining:

Use direct on yellowing/grey tails etc if required or wash as normal by adding 30 mL to a bucket of water (approx 5 or so litres), soak well, then work well into stained hair using good agitation, leave on for few minutes giving it a good scrub ! rinse and repeat if required. One bucket will also wash the entire horse ! 

The pony in picture to the left; we soaked her tail for a few minutes using 30 mL shampoo in 5 Litres water and scrubed well, then soaked for a few more minutes, again scrubbing well. Then rinsed. Her tail was washed only once.

Normal use on all colours - dilute 30 mL to a bucket of water. Wash entire horse working in well. Rinse

Kind on skin !

Please send us your before and after pictures ! We would love to hear from you !

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