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Nectar Nourisher

Topflite Nectar Nourisher

Yes, the Nectar Nourisher might be a mouthful to say. But, with clever design and hygiene in mind, it delivers a delicious mouthful for your local feathered friends too.

Our Nectar Nourisher is proudly designed and made in New Zealand. Its red colour mimics the type of native flora attractive to NZ birdlife, and the functional design makes things easy for a thirsty bird once they arrive. This makes it a perfect bird feeder for attracting tūī, korimako (bellbirds), tauhou (waxeyes) and other nectar feeding birds to your garden.

Designed and made in New Zealand, for New Zealand birds
Fill with nectar or sugar water
Attract tūī, korimako and tauhou.
Hang high away from those pesky predators
Set-up instructions

Unscrew the glass bottle and fill with water, sugar water or a mix of water and Topflite Nectar Mix. Screw bottle in gently but firmly to help avoid any overflow or spillage. Important: Do not over-tighten the bottle into the feeder base thread, as it may crack. Place out of range from the local cats and, if possible, close to native trees and shrubs, which are the natural habitat for nectar loving birds.

Cleaning instructions

Cleaning bird feeders is vital in order to prevent the risk of disease in your local bird population.

Clean your feeder every time you refill.
Wash with warm (but not hot) soapy water and rinse with cold water.
Do not put plastic parts in the dishwasher.
Old nectar may start to ferment. We recommend refreshing the mixture at least twice weekly.
Dimensions: Top width: 85mm, Base width: 170mm and Height: 285mm (plus hanger). Glass bottle volume is 1000ml

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