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Equine Gut Protect

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Equine Gut Protect

Vetpro Gut-Protect is a prophylactic product to assist and protect the gut of horses that are showing signs of stress from situations such as travel, competitions, change of environment, weaning. Also those horses on pain relief medications, antibiotics and NSAIDS, for example Bute.

It helps by improving the gut mucosa – that is the mucus lining of the stomach. Vetpro Gut-Protect contains liquid Lecithin, this is a phospholipid that has been scientifically proven to support the lining of the stomach of the horse, both the surface of the lining and the internal physiological structure of the stomach wall.

Antacids are successful in reducing the erosive effect of stomach acid but, cannot be given on a long term basis. Acid in the stomach is necessary for digestion of feed and pasture. So preventative measures with a phospholipid and good management is the day to day answer. Protection is also necessary when a horse is on medications, especially pain relief drugs.

Lecithin is a naturally occurring substance found in plant membranes. It has two active parts – one strengthens the horse’s stomach wall cell membranes and the other acts as a short term barrier to acid in the stomach. Lecithin is available in soybeans and phospholipids can be sourced from vegetable oil especially soya bean oil, but the amount required to be effective from those sources is high and would create an unbalanced feed. Extracted Lecithin is a much more efficient source. While it is available in granulated form, this form is difficult to manage as it becomes sticky and clumps in the feed. Liquid Lecithin is easier to mix and the recommended amount is only 100mL per day.

Storage is important in the Winter as it should be kept at 10 degrees centigrade or above or it may thicken.

Note: If a horse is suspected of having an ulcer then a Veterinarian should be consulted. He will conduct an endoscopic examination and prove the diagnosis and then provide a product with Omeprazole. This is the only medication that can be used for actually healing an ulcer.


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