Equinade Show Silk Mighty Bright

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Equinade Showsilk Mighty Bright is a concentrated rinse that brightens, whitens and removes stains from animal coats, tails and manes.

Equinade Showsilk Mighty Bright is a gentle water based formula that has been designed to:

*Brighten all colours

*Remove yellow stains from white tails, manes and coats

*Reduce the intensity of harsh brassy or grey tones

Equinade Showsilk Mighty Bright is highly concentrated and very economical.

The effects build up with each censecutive use.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wash the animal with  your favourite Shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. Then simply mix at least 10mL of Mighty Bright in 1L of water.

The required ratio will vary with each animal, so it is best to test a small area and if necessary, add 5mL increments of Mighty Bright until the desired effect has been reached.

Apply the remaining solution using a sponge. DO NOT RINSE.

If purple tinging occurs, simply shampoo and rinse out.